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We hope the following answers to commonly asked questions is helpful. If you’re not able to answer your questions using the information below please email The Bridge Effect, Inc. at info@thebridgeeffect.com.

Ok, so what exactly is The Bridge Effect, Inc. anyways?

We are an online employee perk program connecting parents, employers, and childcare providers to create affordable care options.

Are you live?

Our platform isn’t live yet, but pre-registering now gets you special discounts and pricing. You can find more information about that here.

How are you different than your competitors?

We streamline the approach of payment for parents, contributions for employers, and work for providers.

If I’m a parent, can I find a provider on your site?

Yes. And the ability to pay with pre-tax dollars if you have a Dependent Care Savings/Spending Account is being added to our platform.

Are providers background checked?

Yes, all providers listed on the platform are background checked. We even check in home provider’s household members over the age of 18.

Should I do any additional background checks or verification on providers from your site?

We absolutely encourage all parents and care givers to do thorough checks on anyone they choose to leave their children with, found on our site or not. Don’t be afraid to ask for references or conduct interviews first.

How does this benefit employers?

The Bridge Effect is an employee perk program and attracts top talent. Workers are looking for great benefits now more than ever. By giving your employees access to reliable, safe providers your company sees an increased bottom line, higher revenue, less turnover, and a happier work environment.

How does this benefit employees?

Employees can use their dependent care spending/savings accounts to pay for their childcare through our payment system when they find the right providers for their family. We keep track of who you’ve paid as a parent and you can print out your provider list anytime. We’ll even provide a tax-ready document with all the information you need. Your employer can choose to contribute directly to your dependent care spending/savings account with our help, and lower your overall monthly costs. Finally, our providers offer exclusive concessions that support your everyday needs.

How does this benefit providers?

We give providers a venue to find reliable work options and families that have supported income and childcare cost contributions. We also offer direct payment to providers, taking the payment headache of late fees, under/over-charging, and late payments off their plates. You can set up your schedule and availability to keep your center, home center, or babysitting schedule full. Through our exclusive review system, our top providers receive marketing, blog recognition, and additional opportunities for visibility.

How do I manage my account?

Members of each group have a special dashboard based on their status. Employers can see how the benefit is performing at their company. Employees can see new contacts from providers, set up care requests, and update their profile. Providers can share about their programs and change their care options.

What kind of care do you offer?

Providers on our platform offer regular full-time childcare, part-time childcare, drop in care, snow day care, sick day care, summer/fall/spring break camps and care, special needs, and a variety of other types of care options.

Do you offer refunds? What if I want to cancel?

We offer a variety of contract options, as well as month to month pricing. You can log in to your user dashboard anytime and see your cycle end date, request cancellation, and end your agreement. We do not offer refunds at this time.

Any referral bonuses?

Individual parents are able to referral to their employer – we’ll reach out and get them on board! We are finalizing what the bonus will be but if you refer and they sign up, you will receive the bonus.  To make a referral, please email info@thebridgeeffect.com.

Frequently Asked Questions