Introducing The Bridge Effect

We are online community program bringing together working parents, employers, and child care providers in a solution to find the best, affordable care for children in your community.

We’re the Bridge

We’re the Bridge.

When families can’t afford to work and pay for childcare at the same time, they’re stuck on a cliff.

Family. Community. Growth.

Family. Community. Growth.

We’re an employee perk program that serves your business and your employees at the same time.  Decrease turnover and increase loyalty by giving your employees access to a  solution that impacts their lives.

creating a network of empowered childcare providers

We are creating a network of empowered childcare providers through partnerships of all kinds.

Working with community agencies and nonprofits, we are building training, coaching, and startup resources for new and existing providers.

The Bridge Effect - Creating Connections

Childcare costs over $11,666 of an employed parent’s salary per year*

Next to rent, childcare is the biggest expense for working parents.

Can you imagine choosing between groceries and childcare?

But it’s not just parents who deal with the consequences.

  • while working parents struggle to afford childcare,
  • employers see an empty desk when the parent stays home,
  • child care centers have to deal with late payments
  • children have less stable environments

We eliminate these obstacles and create care connections that benefit everyone.

*average national, source: